Okro Soup


Okro soup is one of the easiest soups that can be prepared in any Nigerian family. It is very cost effective and children love it! It can be prepared in different tasty ways, for example, the Yoruba people would rather prepare okro alone and make a separate stew with sumptuous pieces of meat to eat it with😍😋 while the Igbo people will rather have it prepared with fish and meat (also delicious!).

Today, We would be cooking Okro Soup together, Oriristyle!


1. Okro (5-6handful)
2. 3 cooking spoons of palm oil (Personally, I love me a lot of oil😍, so this part should be to your taste)
3. Meat (could be beef, assorted meat, chicken, goat meat etc)
4. Fish: Iced Fish e.g. Kote (optional)
5. Dry/Smoked Fish
6. Stock Fish
7. handful of crayfish (preferably ground bonga fish to your taste)
8. Pepper and Salt (to taste)
9. Onions (optional)
10. Vegetable: Pumpkin leaves (Ugu) or spinach (fresh or frozen) and then Uziza leaves to make it spicy
11. 1 or 2 stock cubes


1. Wash thoroughly your meat, stock fish, dry fish and Vegetable and set aside.

2. Grind your pepper and crayfish and also set aside

3. Slice your onions as well(optional)

4. Finally, slice your okro in very tiny cubes(preferably grate it) and also the vegetable you intend to add (Personally, most times i don’t add ugu as Okro is already a vegetable. I just add a little uziza to spice it up!)

Cooking Directions

1. Now, put the meat in a clean pot. Put in a little quantity of the sliced onions (optional), salt, pepper and seasoning cube to taste and leave to boil for 10-15minutes in its own water(that forms the meat stock)

2. Add the already washed stock fish and stock fish flakes and cook together. Adding water sparingly as the soup is supposed to be thick except you want it a bit light.

3. When you are satisfied that no.2 is well done, add 1 spoon of palm oil, the washed dry fish, crayfish and cook till it’s done and the little oil has blended into the stock.

Now this is the part that makes Okro soup so delicious😋😁

4. Pour the palm oil (depending on the quantity of soup you are preparing but 1 or 2 cooking spoons should do here) in another pot and put on low heat to dissolve the oil.

5. Add a little onion fry a bit and then the sliced okro and start to fry still on low heat to start out the drawing process

Note: Not everyone would be comfortable with onions in okro😁. You can skip this process but trust me, you should try it, you’ll love it!

6. Add some stock from the meat and fish combo from time to time till you notice the okra starts drawing.

7. Please avoid over cooking the okro, 5 minutes should do for this process.

8. Now add the vegetable (for me, it’s uziza) stir well and add all the meat and fish, crayfish, pepper and salt to taste. Then stir well. If the stock really tastes nice, you may not need to add extra crayfish, salt and pepper.

Leave to simmer and Voila!😃 Food is ready!🍲
You can serve with any swallow of choice.#

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Okro Soup

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