Do you know that Pears are good for detox?

There are different varieties of the Pear fruit. Some people know this particular pear in the image above as ”The English Pear”, It has a lovely flavour and is fibrous inside. While relishing it, you’d almost think you are eating an apple because it feels like an Apple!😃

Pear originated in China and is native to mainly Europe, North Africa, and Asia. It grows comfortably in temperate and cool climates making it really easy to grow. Just like other fresh fruits, Pears are filled with essential vitamins and minerals e.g. potasium, vitamin C, vitamin K, phenolic compounds, folate, dietary fiber, copper, manganese, magnesium, as well as B-complex vitamins and they all contribute to super health benefits!

Health Benefits of Pears

  1. Pears help to detoxify the body as it contains 84% water and promotes regular bowel movements that are needed to flush off toxins from the digestive system.
  2. They are high in fibre and have a low glycemic index, making them really healthy and good to control blood sugar levels and avert diabetes.
  3. Pears due to its rich fibre content helps to minimise the risk of various cancers e.g. breast, colon and lung cancer
  4. Helps to boost immunity as they contain antioxidants and vitamin C that are crucial to the immune system. it is said that pears assists in relieving one from common cold, the flu, or various other mild illnesses that a quick immune system boost could help cure.
  5. A pear is a hypoallergenic Fruit which means it is safe for consumption both for adults and children. It hardly causes allergic reactions like some other fruits and vegetables

For maximum enjoyment of this fruit and its health benefits, eat the fruit alongside the back just like you eat your apple (do not peel the back away). You can add the pear fruit to sauces, syrup and ice cream🍦 to relish the flavor!

Health Benefits of the Pear Fruit

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