How to make Fresh Orange Juice

Hello Oririfam!

Do you remember we talked about the health benefits of fresh Oranges in our ‘Factsonfruits’ segment on Facebook? Well, to remind you, please click on this link and scroll down to read.

So today, we’ll be making Fresh Orange Juice! Yeeeeeh!

Consuming a freshly prepared Orange juice makes it very fun to enjoy the Orange fruit. It also allows you all the health benefits we had mentioned earlier as it contains some of the vitamins your body needs on a daily basis. Children love it, adults enjoy it!

Recipe for Fresh Orange Juice


  • 6 Big sized oranges (for 500ml)
  • Already made Syrup (very optional)/Sugar/Honey/Sweetener)
  • Citrus Extractor- Manual or Electric
  • A jug or any other container you choose
  • A Strainer and spoon
  • A Serving Glass


  • Make sure your work space is very clean- you know we’re dealing with fruits here, we don’t need germs that could cause food poisoning
  • Wash/clean your citrus extractor and assemble it for use
  • Wash your oranges thoroughly and set aside
  • Please make sure that your strainer is very clean as well


  • Cut the already washed oranges into halves (you don’t really need to peel the oranges when using a citrus extractor)
  • Juice with the citrus extractor. There’s usually a strainer that’s attached to the extractor but it may not strain the pulp away completely.
  • If you do not like a lot of pulp, you can now pour the extracted juice into the strainer with tinier holes over a jug to take away the pulp completely.
  • With the help of a spoon, press hard on the pulp in the strainer to get out all the juice you can.
  • You can now add the syrup/sugar/honey/sweetener to sweeten the drink. For me, this is not necessary as orange is already a sweet fruit
  • Serve chilled

And voila! You fresh orange juice is ready!

NB: You can choose to add some carrot juice, a table spoon of lemon juice, ginger to your taste or/and mint leaves for extra flavor and enjoy!

Recipe for Fresh Orange Juice

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