oriri-food-store-Smoked-Fish -Kpokpo-Garri

oriri-food-store-Smoked-Fish -Kpokpo-Garri

Smoked Fish with ‪Kpokpo Garri


Shout out to our Urhobo friends! :) Today’s recipe is very simple and unique to the Urhobos. Its Smoked Fish with Kpokpo Garri‬.

1. Kpokpo Garri
2. Smoked fish
3. Dry Pepper
4.onions (optional)


  • Just place these four ingredients in your plate and its ready for you to enjoy! 😉

Other ways to enjoy your Kpokpo Garri includes;

  • Prepare a very delicious fresh fish pepper soup, dish out your quantity of choice, soak your kpokpo garri in it and enjoy!
  • Others enjoy soaking their Kpokpo garri in chilled water with milk and sugar.

However you choose to treat your Kpokpo Garri, just make sure you have fun!


Recipe Thursday‬: Smoked Fish with ‪Kpokpo Garri‬

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