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In a long while, we’ve not posted recipes, so today, by popular demand😄, we’re bringing the recipe Thursday back. Together, we’ll be making Ogbono-Egusi Soup!

Ogbono-Egusi Soup is one of the easy going delicious soups we have in Nigeria. This soup is a mix of ogbono with egusi for those of us that either want a drawing effect to their egusi soup or a not drawing effect to their ogbono soup😋😁. It could be prepared plain, with pumpkin leaves(ugu), spinach, okra, bitter leaves(Olugbo), uziza leaves or some people even get to the extent of using ukazi leaves😁. Either way you choose to prepare, ogbono soup would always come out fine.

All you need to do is get very good ogbono (I would usually prefer proper ogbono seeds gotten in the market to package and grinded ogbono) and hand picked egusi(just ask, it’s also sold in the local markets)to get the best taste out of this soup.

Ingredients for Ogbono-Egusi Soup

* Assorted Meat: Beef, Shaki (cow tripe)
* Dry Fish(I use Thailand dry fish)
* Stockfish head and flakes
* 1 cup of grinded Ogbono Seeds and A quarter cup or half cup of grinded egusi seeds (this measurement usually depends on how much you want the soup to draw or not)
* 3 cooking spoons of red palm oil(or more)😄
* Bitter leaves (or any of the other vegetables mentioned that you choose)
* 2 cooking spoons of crayfish(I prefer grinded bonga fish instead)
* 1 small sized Onion (optional)
* Pepper and Salt (To taste)
* 1 or 2 stock cubes (Maggi/Knorr)
* Ogiri-okpei, Ogiri-ishi or grinder Dawa-dawa.(I usually prefer Dawa-dawa.


* Grind the Ogbono seeds with a dry mill (could be done for you in the market)
* Wash the bitter leaves thoroughly.
* Grind the crayfish and pepper (together if you choose)
* Wash your meat and fish and set aside.
* Slightly roast your dawa-dawa by picking it with a fork and passing it through the fire (front and back). It makes the soup taste even better😋😄.

Cooking Directions

* Cook your meat, fish and stock fish with the stock cubes, onion, salt, pepper, crayfish, a little water added after the meat has brought up its own water and grinded dawa-Dada till it’s almost done. Keep aside.

* Pour the palm oil into a clean dry pot. Set your burner on low heat and melt the oil. Please take note, melt the oil not heat or fry!😃

* After you’ve melted the oil, turn your burner off and add the grinded Ogbono first (using your cooking spoon to dissolve the ogbono in the oil) then the grinded egusi.

* When the Ogbono and egusi have been properly mixed with the oil, add the meat/fish stock (water from the cooking the meat and fish, that you kept aside).

* Lower the heat from your burner and start stirring. You will notice that the consistency you earlier desired when measuring the ogbono and egusi starts to form.

* Continue to stir until the mixture blends and have sucked up the meat stock.

* You could add a little quantity of hot water and stir till it blends as well, Repeating the process until you get the consistency you desire

* Still on low heat, cook until it starts to simmer and stir/turn using your cooking spoon every 2-3 minutes for about 15 – 20 minutes. This is done to avoid the soup getting burnt as ogbono usually sticks to the base of the pot.

* At the end of 20 minutes, the Ogbono-Egusi should be well cooked and you will begin to perceive its lovely aroma.

*Add the assorted meat and fish, and check for salt and pepper to taste.

*Just make sure the soup is properly cooked/done, then add the olugbo or any vegetable of choice and cook a bit, say 2-5minutes.

And Voila! Your soup is ready!

You can serve with well made Eba, Semolina, fufu or wheat.

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Recipe: Ogbono-Egusi Soup

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