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Prices are comparable to the major markets (e.g. mile 12 & Oyingbo), which are wholesale prices and give you better value for money compared to neighbourhood stores and markets.
At Oriri, there are easy ways to save.
  • Sort and compare prices for bulk or unit items
  • Track your total purchase value to ensure you maximise it, while you shop to avoid exceeding your budget
  • Avoid impulse buying (you’d be surprised at how much you can save!)
  • Use coupons and enjoy promotional discounts
Native Nigerian foodstuff, fruit and ingredients needed to prepare indigenous dishes – meat (sharki, round about, fukunetc), vegetables (ugu, waterleaf, shoko, efotete) and many more.
Your convenience and satisfaction is our concern. We promise to serve you right on every order every time.
Oriri Food Store does not make any margin on items bought, for this reason we have allowed you to customise your list which represents your shopping requirements that best suit your pocket at any particular time.
Trust us to get you the best possible deal on each item; don’t take our word for it our customers have exciting stories to tell.
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It's one in a million...the best grocery store ever..I have tried and gotten a wonderful experience from their service delivery.

Aderinmola Toluwalope

It is service like no other. Very good value for one's money. I must commend the efficiency with which the purchases are made.

Chinwe Seline Igbojionu


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